Getting Started with Agenty

Agenty helps you to automate the data collection, transformation, validation and analysis using the machine learning automotive agents running on cloud with distributed architecture to boost the performance and speed.

Creating an Agent

Most of the agents can be created using our Chrome Extension(Available on Chrome Store). After installing the extension, go to any website, launch the extension where you can add any number of fields, and choose the elements and type of information you want to extract.

  1. How to create website scraping agent
  2. How to create website change detection agent

Executing the Agent

Once the agent has been created, it can be started manually by clicking on the Start button available on agent details page or using the schedule option to run automatically on a particular time or day. And, If you are a developer and want to integrate with your existing app? you can also use our API as well to start the agent by passing the AgentId and the ApiKey.

Tracking Progress

After starting a agent job, it’s progress can be tracked on agent details page, where you can see the job status, total input processed, and the progress in percentage.

Automate the Delivery

Agenty offers a large and growing collection of Plugins to send the data to popular cloud storage, FTP and emails automatically, to make it smooth the delivery of agent result and important notification about the agent you are running.

Creating an Organization

After you sign up for a Agenty account, an organization is created automatically under the name you’ve entered in company name field. This organization will be the home for all the agents or projects, you’ll host with Agenty, along with the people involved in the process. As the person who signed-up/created the organization, you’ll be designated as one of its Administrators.

Inviting Team Members

After creating an organization, you can invite other team member to join your account with role-based security. Managing people’s access to your organization with roles. A person’s role in your organization defines their level of access to your Agenty account, its settings, projects, agents and your data. You can make people Admin, Manager, or Viewer for your organization.

Pages Credit

The page credit is like a stamp, you’d need pages credit to run your agents. The credit is deducted based on the number of successful processed pages by an agent job when it’s completed or while running. The pages credit is not carried forward to next month, but the same pages credit is given every month as per your plan. For example, if you are on Professional plan - You will get 75k pages credit every month to run your agent jobs.

Managing Subscription

To use Agenty, after the initial 14 days free trial or 100 pages(whichever comes first), you’d need to purchase a subscription to continue using Agenty. The subscriptions are available in Monthly and Annually billing options and can be purchased from the pricing page. Once the subscription purchase has been completed, Agenty will automatically charge the subscription amount every month(or year for annual) to renew the plan you’ve purchased.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can login to your account > then go to settings > subscription and click on the Cancel Subscription button learn more…

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