Web scraping with Google sheets

The Google Sheet workflow allows us to import this data directly into your sheets to create reports, scrape tables from websites and link them to your Google Sheets, creating a dynamic data pipeline that keeps your information up-to-date in real-time.

The heart of this integration is to customize your scraping workflows, schedule updates, and transform raw web data into actionable insights, all within the familiar Google Sheets interface to insert the web data to spreadsheet.

So, without wasting more time let’s get started with our step-by-step guide on how to import web scraping data into Google Sheets using Agenty.


  1. Agenty account
  2. Basic or higher plan to access the Google Sheet workflow.
  3. Google account with Spreadsheet access

Google sheet Workflow

  1. Go to the workflow tab
  2. Click on Create a workflow

  1. Then workflow page will open
  2. Type your workflow name > Add Trigger to specify when the workflow should be executed
  3. Select all scraping agents or specific agents(where you want attach this workflow to trigger automatically)

Connect Google sheet

  1. Select the Google Sheets workflow
  2. Connect with Google Sheet by clicking on the right side of connection as shown in the below image:
  3. Select your Google account and give permissions to access your Google account
  4. Select the Connection, Sheet Id, Range and other fields to complete the workflow registration
  5. Save your workflow

Import data to Google sheet

Now, run your web scraper and the data will be automatically inserted to your Google Sheet to link your Google Sheets directly to websites and use the web data with any other google apps script.


Check the logs that provide information about the activities, processes, and events related to a particular job to troubleshoot if any error while running your agent.

Google sheet preview

Now, you can visualize the data tables you’ve scraped from websites, ensuring accuracy and relevance before integrating them into further in your application.

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