Machine Translation

Agenty machine translation (MT) agent is an automatic language translation software to translate the input text into selected target language using machine based translation API

Follow these steps to create a new translation agent

  1. Go to Agents page and then click on create new button
  2. Now click on the Get it button on Machine translation agent to clone it in your account

Click on the Input tab to choose the input type. There are 3 types of input option you can use to configure your translation agent to run your translation job.

  1. Enter text manually (one input per line)
  2. Create a list to upload CSV, TSV or Text file
  3. Or select the source agent which has the text in output you want to translate.

Batch Translation

  1. Select Manual Input(s) from the drop-down to provide Input text manually in the box
  2. Enter the text in textarea box (one input per line).
  3. Click on Save button to save the input settings.

Language Options

After setting the input methods (Manual, List or Source Agent):

  • Now click on the ‘Edit’ tab
  • Select the source/ target language from more than 50 languages in the drop-down you want to translate your text into.

Start Translation Job

Now click on the Start button to run the machine translation job on server. It will take few seconds on initialization and you will start seeing the translated text and progress on the agent page.

The final result will appear in the ‘Result’ tab.

Translation with CSV Upload

You can also using the machine translation agent with CSV, TSV or Text file upload. For example, if you have a large delimited file with other columns like identifier (id, text) and pasting it into text-area is not possible.

You may upload the delimited file and Agenty will automatically populate all uploaded file columns in translation result to keep the same format by adding the translation column only in the result.

  1. Go to Lists page.
  2. Click on Create New List button

  1. Give a name and description to the new list and click Add

upload wizard for machine translation

  1. Upload a file by drag & drop in the box and then click Next

  1. Check the preview and click the Next button

  1. Confirm the upload by clicking Final Upload

  1. Go back to your agent page
  2. Select the list from the drop-down we just created, and select the fields which containing input text we want to translate.
  3. Now click on Save button

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