How to capture a website screenshot every hour?

Using the Agenty change monitoring agent you can not only monitor a website on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, but you can also automate full page website screenshots as well.

In today’s online world, keeping an eye on website changes is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Whether it’s monitoring competitors’ updates, tracking industry trends, or ensuring your own website’s integrity, having a reliable tool to capture website screenshots can be invaluable.

Agenty’s change monitoring agents with full page screenshot capability offers you the automated screenshot feature allowing you to capture a URL screenshot periodically like every hour, or day.

Capture screenshot

  1. Login to your Agenty account
  2. Create a new Change detection agent
  3. Enter the URL on input and click on Run

Take screenshot on schedule

  1. Click on the schedule options
  2. Select the hourly, daily or weekly schedule
  3. Click on save to schedule this automated screenshot agent

For example, I have set this agent to run every 2 hours. You can adjust the schedule depending on your requirement and pricing plan (Remember, the more frequently you run > higher the page’s credit).

For example, if you are running it every hour with a single URL. It will consume 24 pages of credit in a day.

Bulk URL screenshot

To capture multiple websites screenshot on the same schedule and configuration, you can enter the URL in the input tab.

  1. Click on Input tab
  2. Change the input type to Manual URL
  3. Enter the URLs and click on Save button to apply the changes

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