How to scrape dynamic web pages rendered with javascript

How do I scrape dynamic content generated with JavaScript when the page is loaded in the browser? The process of constant change in web pages makes it a little tough to crawl data from a website using JavaScript.

Sometimes with a spinner (loading…) icon, which may take a few seconds to go away and then load the actual content I am looking to scrape. Let’s get the simple and quick solution to manage dynamic web scraping with JavaScript.

To scrape dynamic websites, you’d need to enable the JavaScript option in your scraping agent. It’s enabled by default in newly created scrapers using the Chrome extension or you may go to the “Configuration Tab > Browser settings” in your agent page to enable that.

Also you may need to wait a few seconds after the page load, depending on your requirement if it takes a few seconds to render the dynamic page (or element) you are scraping from the website.
So you can enable the wait after page load option with a few seconds; or selector to watch before running the extraction.

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