How to Get News Alert Related to Your Product, Competitors or Market in 7 Easy Steps

In this article we will learn how to keep a track of news websites and get an alert on specific news section on a website related to our product, market or competitions.

Today, various technological developments are forcing some major disruptions across the industries and causing a faster change in business environment all over the world. All the time being aware of such changes and the latest happenings in your market is the need of the hour and the slightest miss on the critical update can push your business to a lower position than your competition, even at worse, can lead to miss the big market opportunity. But thanks to website change detection software’s which virtually push the alarm button at every occurrence of such updates and alert the user in no time.

The other areas where the change detection technology like Agenty is helping businesses have upper hand in advancing their product or services by detecting the mentions of their brand or product across various platforms like social media, community forums, new jobs posting alert on job portals, government policies and compliance alert, etc… It helps to gain insights such as how they are performing in the market and what sentiments their brand and product is driving among their end users and consumers. Insights relating to such sentiments can help businesses to introduce improvements in existing internal process or to establish altogether new process as part of the value addition to the customers.

Above we looked at the broader general sense of the application of the change detection technology to get alert of the development and critical updates on any given web sources, news, changes on website content, tracking competitor website changes etc…

Now let’s understand the practical usage of Agenty in the simplest manner which even non-tech user can easily work their way around.

Monitoring any specific news from a news website and also to get timely notified of the latest story development about the product, brand, competitors, market, industry across the world is very critical to the analytics and planning wing of a business. How to practically bring such tactics into action just by using Agenty Chrome Extension is demonstrated below:

Setting up a Change Detection Agent in Agenty:

In this article we will setup change detection agent to get news alert on the Startup section of Startups – TechCrunch in 7 easy steps:

1. Install Agenty Google Chrome Extension:

  1. To set up a change detection agent, Install Agenty Google Chrome Extension from chrome web store.
  2. Click on the Add to Chrome Button.

Install Agenty chrome extension

2. Launch The Change Detection Agent:

  1. Now go to the target news website for example Startups – TechCrunch you want to monitor for changes. Then, launch the extension by clicking on the Agenty icon on the top right side of the of your browser.
  2. On Agenty panel, click on the Change Detection button on the right as shown in the screenshot below and should open more setup options.

3. Define selection area

Click on the asterisk (*) button to enable the point-and-click element selector and click on the web page elements to select your area of interest for change alerts.

It will turn green when selected.

4. Detection using Keywords

Add keyword related to your product, competitors, brand etc.

To get an alert only when the keywords (i.e. healthcare, health, medical) which have been mentioned can be added or removed from changes in your selection area. Go to the keywords section to enter keywords, as shown below:

Add keywords to monitor

5. Alert notification setup

Enter your email address to get the website change alert notification. You can add up to 5 emails (comma separated) per agent to notify your team members for the change alert.

Enter the email address

6. Select scheduling frequency and save

Click on the save agent button to save the agent. And you can choose the schedule frequency from the drop-down to schedule your agent, so that it can check the web-pages automatically. For example, your can scheule it to monitor website changes every minute and alert you when a change is detected.


7. The final changes report

Once the website change detection agent is saved, you can view it on your account to see the change history and reports. And Agenty will keep tracking the website changes and whenever a matching change is detected - It will show you exactly what changes occurred with detailed change report and also will send an alert on email.

And click on the change detection link to see the detailed changed content highlighted in red and green color for comparison.

With each results, Agenty will also show the screenshot captured corresponding to the change occurred, simplify to spot where the changes occurred on the target web page turning that area into green or red in color if content deleted.

Change detection reports


Today, one of the winning attributes in business is speed. How speedily you take action to adopt changes can determine the strong business position in the future. And such actions are usually inspired and based upon the latest developments happening in your domain. To be able to get updated news of the market situations and discover the hidden market opportunities, book a demo with Agenty and feed your business with the key updates it needs.

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