Agenty allows to add built-in Post-processing functions with result field to easily clean and manipulate the agents field result. For example, if you have a Price field in your agent with dollar ($) symbol but don’t want that symbol in your agent result. Here, you can use the built-in Replace function to replace the $ with blank "" by passing the parameters.

There are many function available in Agenty, to use by passing the different parameters available on each function to manipulate the field result.

The Post-processing function executes in parallel for each input URL while the agent is running. So, when a Post-processing function is enabled, you will see the processed result by-default in your result table. While the Post-Processing feature in Scripting run after the agent job is completed and keeps both the result Original and Modified accessible on portal or via API.

Function Description
Append To append a value after the field result
AutoFillBlankCells To fill the blank cells with top-most non empty cell
Concat To concatenate multiple fields into single field.
Contains To check if given value contains in the field and returns True or False
CountWords To count the number of words in a field
DefaultValue To use default value when the field is blank.
DeleteRows To remove unwanted result rows with conditions.
EndsWith To check if field value ends with particular character and return True or False
Equals To check if the given parameter is equal to field result and return True or False.
IndexOf To return zero-based index position of given parameter if that value is found in field result.
Insert To insert something before the field result.
Regex To extract something from field result using regular expression.
StartsWith To check if field result start with given parameter and return True or False.
Length To get the length of the field result.
Remove To remove something from field result using start index and length (the number of character needs to be removed.)
Replace To replace some text with other in the field result
Substring To extract a part of field result
ToLower To transform the field result in lowercase characters.
ToUpper To transform the field result in uppercase characters.
Trim To remove space or custom character provided from both side of the field result text.
TrimEnd To remove all trailing occurrences set of characters from end of the string in the field result.
TrimStart To remove all occurrences set of characters from start of the string in the field result.
Unescape To unescape the escaped JSON. For example {\\"key\\" : \\"value\\"} will be converted into {"key" : "value"}
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