CountWords Post-processing Function

CountWords Post-processing function can be used to get how many words contain in our extracted field result. For example, I have this scraping agent “CountWords Function Example (Post-Processing)” in my account and I want to know how many words contain the Name field for some internal use. So, I can use the CountWords Post-processing function to get the number of words in particular field.



  1. Add a new field name something like CountWords in Name

  2. The selector will be same as Name field have

  3. Now, click on the Add Post-processing button to add the CountWords Post-processing function, The below dialog box will appear

  4. There is no parameter required in this function So just adding this, is enough

  5. Then Save the function and the scraping agent configuration

  6. And finally, re-run you agent to apply the changes.

After CountWords Function

If we look the updated result, we get how many words contained by field Name will represent the actual number of words in this field CountWords in Name .

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