Zapier integration

Zapier is a wonderful integration tool lets you connect 1000+ apps to automate many workflows between applications. This tutorial explains how to send Agenty data to Zapier.

In short, our Zapier integration allows you to say “If X job completed in Agenty, then Y happens in another app

With this integration, you can connect Agenty with 1000+ applications!

Make a Zap

Step 1 First, Go to Zapier website and signup or login your account. Then click on the Make a Zap!.

Step 2 Select Webhooks option. And you can also give it a name or Zapier will automatically name it like : “hook A”, “hook B”.

Step 3 Select the 2nd option, called catch hook. The catch hook(or webhook) is like a data receiver and can read any data sent via a HTTP POST method in request body.

Click on the button Save + Continue.

Step 4 Once you hit the save button, Zapier will create a custom webhook URL for your zap. Copy this URL to use in Agenty.

Add a plugin

Once you have the webhook URL, login to your Agenty account.

Step 1 Go to the agent page where you want to add the webhook > Click on the Plugin tab and then click on Add plugins button.

Step 2
Now select the Zapier plugin as in screenshot below.

Step 3 Paste the Zapier webhook URL in the URL Endpoint box. And than SAVE to attach this plugin to your selected agent.

Agenty will trigger this plugin after a job has been completed for selected agent. So make sure you run your agent once to send the result to Zapier webhook for testing.

Testing and Preview

Step 1 Return to your Zapier dashboard and click on the OK, I did this button.

Step 2 Zapier will catch few records and show as in this screenshot.

Step 3
Agenty always push the agents result in a result[] objects array. So we can tell Zapier to look for the result key by clicking on the edit option and then write result in the text box as in this screenshot:

Step 4
Click on the Continue button, and you will see Zapier will read the objects array correctly in key-value format to fill up spreadsheet or anywhere else as per the action selected.

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