Dropbox Integration

Agenty’s Dropbox plugin allows you to upload your agent result file to your Dropbox account automatically when an agent job has been completed in your Agenty account.

Dropbox is a secure file sharing and storage service available free for basic usage (2gb of space) and then pro, business or enterprise subscription with high storage capacity and other features to store and share file on cloud securely.

Create Dropbox App

The very first step is, we need to create a private app in our Dropbox account to get an OAuth 2 security token, so follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Dropbox account
  2. Go to developer apps page — https://dropbox.com/developers/apps
  3. Click on the Create app button to create a private app.

  1. Choose the Dropbox API and App Folder or Full Dropbox option in access type and then give it a name to create the app finally.

Note : Agenty doesn’t require full Dropbox access to upload files, and you may just choose the “App Folder” to set the access type limited to particular folder only.

Generate OAuth Token

Once the Dropbox app has been created, we need grab our Dropbox OAuth access token to use in Agenty Dropbox plugin for authentication, so follow these steps:

  1. Go the app page (we just created in step #1)
  2. Scroll down to and find the OAuth 2 section
  3. Click on the Generate button under Generated access token

  1. Copy the token and paste it somewhere in your notepad or sticky.

Configure Dropbox Plugin

  1. Login to your Agenty account
  2. Go to the plugins page from left side navigation menu
  3. Click on the Add button on Dropbox plugin row

  1. The Dropbox plugin configuration page will open where we need to select our agent to attach this plugin and paste the OAuth 2 token generated in previous step.

  1. You may also use the dynamic variable to generate Dropbox path, as I have used {{job_id}} in Dropbox path in this example. The dynamic variable must be used in double-curly braces, see this dynamic variables reference guide to learn all the available variables and what they mean.

  2. Click on the Save button to attach the plugin with selected agent.

Test the Integration

Now, we are done with configuring this plugin. It’s time to test our integration to see the CSV result file uploaded in our Dropbox account with given folder structure and file name generated automatically:

  1. Start the agent where the plugin was attached. For example, I attached this Dropbox plugin to my web scraping agent “Dropbox example” in this case.

  1. Wait for the job completion, as it may take few seconds or minutes to get the scraping job completed depending on the number of pages you have in your input.
2019-06-03 10:46:19.5009 TRACE Dropbox plugin started with timeout: 15 minutes
2019-06-03 10:46:24.1259 TRACE File uploaded successfully to Dropbox. File path: /Agenty/Job-41159-output.csv; id: id:ox4nZPdoILAAAAAAAAAAHQ
  1. Check your Dropbox account :

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