October 2019 changes in Agenty

Here are October 2019 updates in Agenty.


We’ve exposed the proxy feature in scraping agent to let customer choose what type of proxy (Static, Residential or Geo-based) should be applied to their web scraping agent. See this post to learn how to use proxy in your web scraping project.

Count option in Scraping agent

The new count option allow you to extract the number of matching records for given selector, regex or JSON path. For example, we were talking to a customer last month who was scraping a ticket booking websites and wanted to see how many tickets are in red, white and grey color. So, using the COUNT option in web scraping agent, you can get the number of matches element found for given selector.

Full screen view

Now you can view your agent result in full-screen for better view of large columns and data doesn’t fit in small screen.

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