January 2020 changes in Agenty

Here are the list of changes made on Agenty in - January, 2020

Sentiment analysis agent (new product)

Extract the positive, negative or neutral sentiment with confidence score from provided input file or source agent.

Machine translation agent (new product)

Translate the input text in selected target language using machine based translation API

Public datasets

New public data-sets feature with 100 of agents for scraping jobs data, new registered companies, leads scraping for marketing campaign developed by our team and community members to help non-developers to use ready made agents for many websites.

Other changes

  • New gzip data download option in all agents to download agent result as compressed gzip file for super-fast data download experience.

  • Change subscription plan, frequency, cancel option for card-based subscription. (Paypal based subscription still can’t be changed and require to purchase plan and cancel old one for upgrade)

  • Change on cloud.agenty.com to display all date times in local timezone as per browser (or set by user in settings page)

  • New Agenty dashboard graphs for pages used by product, pages credit used by date visualization.

  • Algolia integration improvement - New object_id, clear_index option to upsert documents and clear index when needed.

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