December 2019 changes in Agenty

Here are December 2019 updates in Agenty.

Change detection agent (new product)

The new change detection agent is a powerful website change detection software allow you to set custom alert criteria, monitor and track website changes and get notified on email. See this page to learn how to create a new website change detection agent.

Chrome Extension 2.9.0

A new version of Chrome extension has been released with many changes, improvements and new features

  • New change detection agent
  • My agents with search bar
  • Fixed my agents list width issue causing open button hidden for very long agent names
  • Fixed null/empty keywords was accepted in change detection agent
  • Changed permissions to activeTab only as per Google guidelines to make Agenty work without any special permission and increased users trust.
  • Everything (Preview, Save and Login) under Agenty sidebar
  • New schedule agent feature under agent save model via extension
  • Fixed the issue causing manually typed/pasted selector to reset
  • Added max collections limit in scraping agent : 10
  • Added max fields limit in scraping agent : 120
  • Added feature to name fields as per collection Field1…Field(n)
  • Added feature to auto-accept all fields result while editing the agent in Chrome extension


2 new options in scheduler has been added.

Interval scheduler

The interval scheduler allow you to schedule the agents after fixed interval time. For example, if you schedule your agent using 15 minutes interval at 9:01am your time

Using the interval scheduler it will run at


While using the minutes scheduler it will run at


CRON scheduler

You can use the CRON scheduler to schedule agents using CRON expression. See here to learn more about CRON expression.

CRON scheduler

S3, Dropbox and SFTP Plugin update

We’ve updated the S3, Dropbox and SFTP integration to upload multiple collection files (when available) and logs file as well if enabled in the plugin configuration.

Dropbox integration

You may edit your plugins to add or enable these features.

Note : You must use dynamic parameter {{name}} in S3 path or Dropbox path to generate dynamic file names when Agenty needs to upload multiple files using collections or logs enabled. Because, if you use the static name - for example “output.csv” - The plugin will throw error on 2nd upload (or logs upload) because one file already uploaded with the same name.

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