No-code Web Scraping Tool

Agenty's scraping agent is a no-code web scraping tool to extract data from any website. Whether you need to track competitor price, or looking for high quality data feeds to train your AI algorithms - Agenty web scraping software and the built-in API offers a wonderful web scraping experience on cloud.

Best web scraping software to scrape data from websites anonymously.

Agenty's powerful, scalable and SaaS based web data scraping tool that makes it easy to extract data from websites of choices, no matter the complexity of web.

Point and Click

Setup your web scraping agents using point-and-click Chrome extension designed to create web scraping agents with few clicks of mouse. No coding required!
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Anonymous Web Scraping

Automatic IP rotation and highly anonymous proxies to scrape any website. Extract content as seen by real-human in different location, using our geo-based IPs.
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Batch URL Crawling

Extract data from unlimited webpages in single agent. Simply enter the website URLs in agent input, or upload a URL list to extract batch URLs automatically.
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Flexible scheduling option to schedule your web scraping agents to run every hour, daily, weekly or any particular day(s) in a week.
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Crawl Website with Login

Pass your credentials in agent configuration to authenticate and get data from websites that requires login to access the page you are crawling.
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Crawling History

Go to history tab to see or download all your web scraping jobs result, for all agents. Accessible by job_id and execution date.
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12+ integrations to trigger email notification, or send your scraped data to SFTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Webhook, Google spreadsheet, and more...
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Advance Scripting

Unlimited possibility with scripting. Write your own custom logic to modify the scraping agent result (or the input) using C# programming language.
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Chrome extension See pricing plans

Point and click interface to setup agents!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have web scraping example agents?

Yes, we do have 100+ web scraping examples to practice and learn web scraping using Agenty scraping agents. Just login to your account and go to Agents > New > Sample tab to access web scraping examples.

How can I learn web scraping using Agenty?

What web scraping techniques are available on Agenty?

Agenty supports all types of web scraping techniques to extract data from web. For example, you can use scraping agents to extract data using CSS selectors, REGEX, XPath, JSONPath etc.

Can you help me in creating my web scraping agents?

Yes, we do have expert support team where you can order a one-time scraping agent creation or can use managed services. Contact sales to request a quote.

Do you have free trial for web scraping?

Yes, we have 14 days free trial with 100 pages credit to try Agenty.

Do you have web scraping API?

Yes, our API is REST based and you can use it in any programming language like Python, PHP, C#, Java etc to start web scraping job, add URL, download result and more.

Can I scrape dynamic website require JavaScript?

Yes, JavaScript render option is enabled by default in all scraping agents. And you can control it in setting tab to enable-disable as per your need.

Can I use web scraping agents on Windows, MAC or Linux?

Yes, Agenty's scraping agent is SaaS based application and you can use it online on any operating system. All you need is a browser to access

Do you offer web scraping services as well?

Yes, our web scraping service is designed for enterprises to outsource their web scraping project to Agenty. See this page to learn more about enterprise-level web scraping service features.

retail price scraping
Web scraping software customer case study

Case Study: Statistical department of Slovenia

The Statistical department of Slovenia tracks and monitor the retail products prices online, that often have thousands of SKUs from hundreds of websites.

See how the department was able to use Agenty to automate their web data scraping, transformation and validation using our scraping agents to extract prices from ecommerce websites.

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