Web Scraping Service for the Enterprises

Outsource your web scraping project to expert's team scraping thousands of websites everyday

There's no need to spend precious time learning web scraping techniques, analyzing websites. Outsource to Agenty, while you concentrate on running your business to its full potential.

Web Scraping Service for the Enterprise

Enterprise-level web scraping solution for any scale

Agenty's fully customized web scraping service allow enterprises to gather data from thousands of websites anonymously without coding.

Agents Setup

With our managed screen scraping service, our data experts will create, run and maintain your web scraping agents tailored to your needs and schedule them to collect data for you


Websites changes frequently! Our expert team will monitor and proactively manage your web scraping agents to ensure your data collection is not affected

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Your secret is our secret. Make a confidential relationship with NDA to protect your business secrets

Service-Level Agreement

Get the SLA guarantee signed to ensure your data scraping won't stop, blocked or slowed down.

Best Performance

Your web scraping agent's performance, analyzed and optimized. We use sophisticated tools and scripting to zero in on potential problems before they affect your data collections

Priority Execution

Your web scraping agents will never be queued! We give our highest priority to enterprise accounts so your targeted sites can be scraped fast and anonymously

Proprietary Tools

We use our own web scraping tool deployed on AWS cloud and Microsoft Azure in 6 regions, auto-scalable for data extraction needs of any size.

Custom Integration

Integrate Agenty with your favourite tools. Some of our popular integration includes SFTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, MongoDb, Google Spreadsheet, Zapier...

Advance Scripting

Bring your custom logics to transform the data in your required format, using our scripting feature with unlimited possibilities.

Spend less, do more

Do you already have a web scraping service agreement with another vendor?

Switch now to Agenty, and get up-to 20% less price from your current billing with additional features and free setup by our data specialist team.

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Data as a service

From small one-time project to high volume daily/weekly or monthly data scraping service, we have the solution and experience to deliver.

No implementation, no learning curve, no hassle. Just the data you need, the way you need it.

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Web Scraping API

Scalable API to start gathering data for your market research, competitor analysis, and more.

Experience the future of data-driven decision making with our robust web scraping API built to meet your custom enterprise requirements.

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Web Scraping Services FAQs


Does your web scraping servers available globally?

Yes, we are on cloud and have our server in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Australia and many other countries in the world for low latency.

Can we sign a short-term contract?

Yes, it's flexible per your need. We have many enterprise customers in monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual agreement using our web scraping services happily

Can you send me the invoice to pay with PO?

Yes, we can send you the invoice to generate PO (Purchase order) and pay to our bank account directly.

Where can I see my scraping agents and their progress?

We'll give you enterprise access of our online tool cloud.agenty.com to see and manage all your web scraping projects

Can you send the extracted data to our FTP?

Yes, we have many integrations for automatic data transfer as well the API. You can use our SFTP plugin to transfer your web scraping jobs result to your FTP server.

Who will setup my scraper under managed services offering?

Agenty web crawling specialist team will setup + maintain all your scraping agents under managed services.

What details you need to setup my web scraping project?

We'd need the following details to setup a demo account, and suggest managed services pricing as well.
  • List of websites
  • Fields you want to scrape (with naming specification, if any)
  • How frequent you want to scrape (Daily, weekly.... monthly etc)
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