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Agenty is a SaaS platform with easy-to-use automated agents in cloud for machine intelligence. Our API ready agents are used by professionals & businesses that enables them to convert the unstructured data into structured spreadsheet and machine-readable data with no coding required.

We are building a largest set of automotive agents to extract, clean, validate, translate, OCR, sentiment analysis, text classifier, change tracking the big data for businesses across Retail, Healthcare, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and more... Each month we process billion of pages to extract the key data points for hundreds of customers making us the leading distributed cloud computing big-data-as-a-service provider start-up.

We are Agentian!


We are a young startup from Gurugram, India trying to organize the unstructured data to make a difference in the world. We are passionate about making data-driven insights easily accessible to everyone.

Vikash Rathee

Vikash Rathee

Founder and CEO
Priyanka Rathee

Priyanka Rathee

Head of Marketing

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