How to apply coupon on Agenty?

Agenty coupons codes are discounts on our subscription plans. If you received a coupon code on any promotion event or email - follow these steps to apply the coupon code in your Agenty subscription.

  1. Purchase a plan as normal from pricing page Agenty Pricing - Web Scraping Pricing using card-based (Stripe) payment option. (Not PayPal)
  2. After purchase > login to your account > setting > subscription
  3. Click on the I have coupon code button
  4. Enter the coupon code and click Apply
  5. The discount will be applicable in your next invoices.

For example if you received an offer saying 30% off for 3 months with code. After apply, your next 3 invoices will be discounted by 30%.


  1. The discount coupons are valid for card-based (Stripe) subscription only and not for PayPal
  2. The coupons are valid for new subscriptions only and will not work for older subscriptions.
  3. Only one coupon per customer is allowed.
  4. The discounts are only valid for DIY(Do it yourself) plans and not for Enterprise and Managed services.
  5. See the standard terms and condition, refund policy here
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