High Quality Training Data for Machine Learning and AI

Make your machine learning and AI models highly accurate by feeding them with accurate and high-quality training datasets from web. Our highly skilled team in web crawling can provide you the access to a huge volume of web data across all languages and file types.

Over 100+ customers use Agenty to extract AI training data sets from websites.

Agenty provides high-quality training data for machine learning at scale

Our innovative and fully-automated web crawling platform offers large amount of high-quality web data to train your models for excellent predictions.

Multi Languages

Crawl multiple language websites to train your multi language models.

Team Access

Get everyone in your team to access the training data sets.

Scheduled Refresh

Schedule when and how frequent the training data should be updated

API & Plugins

Integrate Agenty with your existing AI tools using our REST based API.

AI Training Data Pricing

How much does artificial intelligence (AI) data cost?

The Agenty web crawling platform streamlines much of the data collection, validation, transformation process in-house allowing us to offer the most cost-effective solutions in the industry

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