Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Monitoring

Automatically monitor your retailers to enforce minimum advertised price (MAP) agreements.

We offer daily, weekly or monthly monitoring to track all your products across online stores, and capture full-page screenshot as proof when your sellers violated the price to create MAP monitoring report for policy enforcement.

MAP monitoring report

MAP compliance monitoring system for brands and manufacturers.

Agenty's online minimum advertised price (MAP) monitoring tool allow brands and manufacturers to monitor online retailers and find MAP violations & unauthorized re-sellers for policy enforcement

Monitor compliance

Automatically find violations across your reseller network globally.

Enforce MAP pricing

Show reports with date time to prove their MAP pricing violations.


Capture full-page screenshot with high display resolution for clear view

Alerts & Notifications

Set email alerts to get automatic notifications on price violations.

Team Access

Get everyone in your team to access the MAP reports, and monitor compliances.

API & Plugins

Integrate Agenty with your existing tools using our REST based API.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does MAP compliance monitoring means?

MAP stands for "Minimum Advertised Price" and tracking that publicly advertise price across online stores is called MAP compliance monitoring.

Can you track all the online retailers and marketplace?

Yes, we will create scraping agent for each website, marketplace you want to track and schedule them to track the advertised price daily.

Can I get an email alert when a seller violates the MAP?

Yes, Agenty will send you an email automatically with full-page screenshot, date-time, SKU of violation.

Can I get a free demo for your MAP monitoring software?

Yes, contact sales to get your demo account created. It's free for 14 days and no credit card, commitment requires.

What details you need to implement MAP across our product lines

We need your products SKU/URLs and list of websites to start with.

Is there any limit on number of SKU I can monitor?

No, you can monitor as small as 10 SKU, or as big as millions of pages daily depending on your plan and business agreement.

Do you offer enterprise-level SLA?

Yes, our business agreement covers SLA, NDA etc. Contact sales to request a quote and get the agreement for your legal review

Can I implement a custom MAP price monitoring strategy?

Yes, Agenty is fully-customizable and you can use our scheduler or API to create your strategy and monitor when you want. For example, track top 10 SKU every hour; and remaining every day etc.

Request a demo for MAP compliance monitoring

Try free demo. 100 SKUs, No contract, commitment required!

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