Crawling the web with intelligence: The rule-based web crawling software

Enhance your data mining pipeline with our rule-based web crawling software. Navigate the websites intelligently, targeting specific content with precision for data harvesting from the internet

Web Crawling Software

Maximize your web data collection with best web crawler online

Agenty's web crawling agent for comprehensive website crawling to ensure efficient crawling of all URLs, delivering unmatched insights and unlocking the power of web data.

Crawling control

Advanced crawling settings options to put you in control of your web crawling experience like never before. With customizable options including depth, maximum pages, and the ability to follow sitemaps, you can tailor your web crawling agent to match your specific needs and objectives.

  • Follow sitemaps automatically
  • Respect the robots.txt
  • Add multiple fields
  • Follow internal or external pages
  • Maximum time, links and result option to auto-stop after certain conditions
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Web crawler settings

Crawling rules

Web crawling rules for targeted data extraction from the web. With the ability to specify complete URLs, parts of URLs, REGEX patterns, and even exclude specific pages, you have unparalleled control over the webpages you crawl.

  • Multiple rules options to match any to skip or crawl a page
  • Negative rules to prefix with exclamation mark (!) to skip crawling
  • REGEX pattern to follow matching pattern only
  • Priority rules to crawl important pages first
  • Processing rules to extract data from specific pages
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Web crawling rules

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