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Experience the Agenty AI based price monitoring software to track competitor's prices in e-commerce, retail, hotels, air travel, car rental websites to monitor competitor's prices and optimize your pricing strategies to increase revenue.

Competitor Price Monitoring Software

Competitor price monitoring software for brands and retailers.

Agenty's online price monitoring tool allow retailers and brands to monitor prices, stock availability, discounts, on-sale and more from thousands of websites worldwide

Geo-based price scraping

Track store(zip-code) level prices by using city, and country proxies to route the request from selected regions and zip codes for geo-based scraping.

Price tracking

Create personalized reports to analyze your eCommerce competitors' pricing, out-of-stocks, inventory, and catalogs to make data based business decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.


Setup webhook or use our FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google sheet integration to transfer the data automatically to your servers


Set email alerts or webhook to set push notification when price changes or a competitor product goes out of stocks


Bring your custom logic and rules to post-process the data. For example, currency conversion, translation, keyword removal etc.


Integrate Agenty price scraping API with your application in any programming languages.

Competitor Monitoring on the go!

Real-time competitive pricing intelligence solution for your online business to find the right price opportunities, out of stock, discounted products on key competitors (or all competitors) websites to adjust your prices and increase profit margins.

Step 1

Price data scraping

Fast and continuously accurate data collection from competitor websites with custom location, currency of your choice.

Step 2


AI-based price scraping technology to scrape insights and intelligence to make the data manageable and format required.

Step 3

Data Analysis

Customized fields and rules to ensure data is presented in a way that helps you to make business decisions quickly.

Step 4

Data Delivery

Collected data, metrics and insights are delivered via a user friendly and intuitive dashboard online with role-based security.



How frequent the prices will be monitered?

As frequent you wish. Using the scheduling feature you can schedule your retail price monitoring agent to scrape price automatically on your defined schedule.

Can I monitor a complete category or brand prices from my competitor's website?

Yes. We can create a scraping agent to scrape that particular category or brand with pagination to track the price, catalog, stock availability etc.

Do I need web scraping experts or technical knowledge to use Agenty?

No. Agenty offers the managed services, and it's not necessary to have technical knowledge. We will setup, maintain and support your competitor monitoring project!

Can I set the scraper IP to particular country or city to scrape Geo-specific prices?

Yes, Agenty scraping agent has the geo-based proxy feature to scrape websites from selected country, city with local currency and tax shown on website in that area

Do you have price scraping API to pull reports?

Yes. Our API is REST based and you can control everything from the API, here is an example to pull the report in JSON format by sending a GET request

Do you offer the SLA on competitors pricing scraping?

Yes. Contact your account manager or sales team to request a contract template with SLA for legal review

I have a list of URLs in excel to track prices, can I upload them?

Yes, you can upload the URLs using the List feature in Agenty or can paste manually using the MANUAL option for batch crawling.

What fields I can extract using your competitor price scraping software?

Generally, we scrape the fields like name, price, stock_availability, image, rating, variations etc. But the software is fully customizable to extract any field you want from your competitor websites using our CSS, JSON, REGEX and XPATH engines.

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