How to Scrape Infinite Scroll Web Pages?

In this article I will show you how to write a custom JavaScript function to infinite scroll a webpage container till the end for web scraping the data loaded on page scroll.

var container = document.querySelector('#scroll-part-list');  //get the container
var maxPages = 10;
var totalHeight = 0;
var pageNumber = 0;
var distance = 100;
var timer = setInterval(() => {
  var scrollHeight = container.scrollHeight;
  container.scrollBy(0, distance);
  totalHeight += distance;

  if (totalHeight >= scrollHeight) {
    pageNumber += 1;
  if (pageNumber >= maxPages) {
}, 100);

Slow scroll

The setInterval() function is used to scroll slowly.

var timer = setInterval(() => {
   // Your code here
}, 100);

The timer will wait for 100ms before running the code again. If any web page is slow, you may increase/ decrease the 100 ms value to some other as needed.

Window and container scroll

Some webpages doesn’t scroll the whole window, they just have a div block with products and when you scroll - just that container is scrolled

So, if you need to scroll the whole window - change you function to use window in these two lines instead the container

  var scrollHeight = window.scrollHeight;
  window.scrollBy(0, distance);


The pageNumber variable is used for pagination to exit the scroll when maxPages has been reached or end of page (whichever comes first)

if (totalHeight >= scrollHeight) {
    pageNumber += 1;

Testing your infinite scroll function

You can use the Chrome script snippets option to test your function on Chrome.

  1. Open Chrome developer mode
  2. Click on New snippet button
  3. Enter the function code in editor
  4. Press Ctrl+Enter or click on the play icon on right bottom corner to execute and test.

Use the function in Agenty

  1. Go to your scraping agent page
  2. Go to configuration tab > Pagination
  3. Enter the function code in Script text area box.

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