OCR Agent

Cloud based OCR software to extract text from any type of images or pdfs. Agenty's super-fast Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allow you to convert different types of image-based documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files into editable and searchable database

Best OCR software for batch conversion of pdf and images.

Agenty's scalable, highly-accurate and multi-language support OCR software to upload documents online for text detection and extraction from pdf and images.

Batch Conversion

Convert thousands of images in bulk with just a few click of mouse.

Multiple Engines

Built-in auto retry mode to use the best OCR engine for high accuracy.

Multiple Language

Supports 20+ languages including Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and more.

X-Y Coordinates

Get the text with bounding box, coordinates and line number for your research and AI.

Text Recognition

Advanced text recognition technology to recognize invoices, receipts and tables for better OCR result.

API & Plugins

Integrate Agenty with your existing tools using our REST based API.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I test your OCR software for free?

Yes, we do have 14 days free trial with 100 pages credit. Just signup to try it free!

Can I use the OCR agents on Windows, MAC or Linux?

Yes, Agenty's OCR agent is SaaS based application and you can use it to OCR documents online on any operating system. All you need is a browser to access cloud.agenty.com

Can OCR agent extract text from multi-pages pdfs?

Yes, our OCR agent is configured by default to extract text from scanned pdfs with multiple pages.

What is the speed of OCR agent?

Agenty run on distributed architecture with multi-threading and agent speed depends on your pricing plan, in our tests, it extracts up to 100 pages per minute in Basic plan with single worker assigned.

How can use the API to start OCR task?

See the API documentation to learn how to start an asynchronous job using our REST based API. The OCR job will be sent to workers for processing, and you can see the status using status API and download the result when it's completed.

Best OCR software to extract plain-text, fields or tables from image-based documents to make your unmanageable data searchable

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