Recommend Agenty and earn 30% affiliate commission on each sale

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*Up to $100 per referral.

Agenty affiliate program

How it works



Joining our Affiliate program is free. Just signup and create your referral link



Share the referral link on your website, blog post, email, YouTube video or social media.



Earn 30% commission for every new signup converted into paid subscription.


Attractive Revenue Share

Earn a commission of 30% on the first transaction of every sale you refer.

60-day Cookie Policy

Get credited for your visitor's conversion for up to 60 days.

Marketing Support

Kickstart your affiliate marketing efforts with our starter kit.

Easy Payout

Get your payout direct and on-request when your earnings reach $100 or more.

Real-time Reports

Monitor your conversions on our affiliate dashboard anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the payment terms?

The terms are simple, receive 30% from your referral's revenue (up to $100 per customer).

How does the payout works?

When your affiliate earnings reach $100 or more, you can either request for an account transfer or we will release it every 1st week of month.

Can I link to any page on Agenty website?

Yes, we have tracking code on all pages. So, you can use any page or subdomain of for linking. For example, all these links are valid:{your_code}{your_code}{your_code}{your_code}

Is the 30% affiliate commission recurring?

No, the referral commission is applicable to the first purchase only.

Is there a sign-up fee to join Agenty affiliate program?

No, Agenty's affiliate program is completely free and simple to join by signing up here.

Where can I find my referral reports?

Login to your Agenty account > Go to Settings then Affiliate reports option to find all real-time statistics.

Can I get the Agenty pages credit instead payout?

Yes, contact support to get pages credit against your payouts.

Install Agenty Chrome Extension?
Yes, install Not now